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Laurens de Groot
Laurens de Groot is the co-founder of the ShadowView Foundation. Prior to ShadowView, Laurens was involved in marine conservation projects in Africa, Europe and Antarctica. Before Laurens started focusing on global environmental and humanitarian campaigns he worked for the Dutch police as an investigator, specialised in organised environmental crime.

Steve Roest
Steve has worked on environmental and anti-poaching projects across five continents, and has run projects for the provision of, and access to quality education in Northern Uganda and South Sudan. As both the co-founder of the Shadowview Foundation and the commercial drone company Skycap, Steve has extensive experience with Unmanned Arial Systems (drones) across a diverse range of challenging environments.

Tim van Dam
Tim van Dam is a Senior Business Developer in the Telecom Market and an expert on LoRa-technology and sensor networks. He has joined the ShadowView Foundation to turn the latest innovative technologies into solutions for the protection of wildlife.

Helena Kondziela
Helena is the administrator and trustee for the ShadowView Foundation. She has several years of experience in administration and research within the charity sector. She has worked for many different non-profit organisations including Oxfam, Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO), Dimensions, Yellow Door and Action Hamsphire.

Jeroen de Looze
Jeroen is part of the Internet of Life team. He has a proven track record of software- and web development for many large Dutch multinational enterprises.

Josje Leijdekkers
Josje is supporting ShadowView in several areas; fundraising, relationship management and exposure. She has experience with the organisational management of non-profit organisations and executive director support.

For questions with regards to fundraising, you can contact her via josje@shadowview.org or 0031(0)649848293.

Board of Advisors

Rob Thielen
Rob Thielen is a Dutch entrepreneur and investor. He is the former chairman and founder of Waterland Private Equity. Rob has been a keen supporter and advisor of the ShadowView foundation since the early start.

Pim Volkers
An entrepreneur with a passion for Criminalistics, who is active in the Forensic Services and Cybersecurity Industry. His product and service portfolio ranges from the creation of a Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) to DNA analysis and Cybersecurity related services with a particular focus on Cyber-Espionage.

Miriam Rapon
Creative Director and Owner of Dare Creative, a company that produces branded content, on-air and online campaigns, events, TV programs and high-end TV commercials. Miriam has worked for mayor clients such as Disney, KPN, Discovery and Philips.

Dirk Gorissen
Dirk Gorissen has a background in Computer Science & AI and has worked in academic and commercial research labs across Europe and the U.S. As a consultant, he has regularly provided his services to the World Bank in Tanzania. He was also closely involved with a number of drone related start-ups. Apart from this, he is an active STEM Ambassador and organiser of the London Big-O Algorithms & Machine Learning MeetUps.

Board of Directors Netherlands
Laurens de Groot
Kees Aarts
Richard van Deventer

Board of Directors UK
Paul Green
Harriet Mallinson
Helena Kondziela