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Our philosophy is straightforward. We dedicate our services and technology to support people in crisis, protect endangered species and conserve the environment. The ShadowView Foundation seeks to work collaboratively with partners who have a similiar mission and meet our strict ethical standards.


We love innovation and technology, but we love protecting people and the environment even more. Therefore, we decided to combine our 30 years of experience in conservation and law enforcement by launching the ShadowView Foundation.

Since 2013, the ShadowView Foundation has been using innovative techniques for the protection of endangered species, humans, and the environment. Through the use of drones, sensor technology, high-tech forensics, and other cutting-edge technology ShadowView continues to enhance its methods to help people, animals, and the environment.

With this approach, ShadowView became the first organisation to successfully track and capture rhino poachers through the use of drones with thermal and IR cameras. This groundbreaking operation took place in 2014, in a private reserve in South Africa. Footage of the arrest of several rhino poachers was later broadcast on national television.

ShadowView’s technologies and tracking methods have been constantly developed and the foundation continues to work on a wide range of humanitarian and conservation projects.

By working closely with partners and experts who have been internationally active in wildlife protection and humanitarian aid for many years, ShadowView is always equipped to offer support to allied organisations with an environmental or humane mission.