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Smart Park Akagera, Rwanda

Installing a Smart Park communication, tracking and management system to protect wildlife in Akagera National Park, Rwanda.

Read more: Smart Park Akagera.

Orangutan Tracking, Borneo, Indonesia

Monitor the tracking chips which vets subcutaneously insert in the neck of orangutans, when first released back into the wild.

Read more: Orangutan Tracking Drone Project.

Open Drone HIF Project, Global

OpenDroneMap aims to enable humanitarian organisations to process UAV imagery and transfer them to other platforms and crowdsourcing projects such as OpenAerialMap, OpenStreetMap, and Missing Maps.

Read more: Open Drone HIF Project.

Demining GPR, Global

ShadowView has co-developed a lightweight, airborne Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). The primary purpose of this product is to provide additional support for detecting subterranean unexploded ordnance and utilities.

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