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ShadowView foundation

The ShadowView foundation was founded in 2013. We strive to improve humanitarian aid, conserve nature and biodiversity and fight environmental crime.

We aim to achieve these goals by:

  1. a) Supporting other organisations by using innovative technology, such as unmanned aerial vehicles, GPS wildlife tracking and other specialised search & rescue equipment;
  2. b) Monitoring and/or managing humanitarian crises situations or a situation in which wildlife population and/or the environment is threatened;
  3. c) Organising activities that stimulate the use of innovative technologies or organising activities where these technologies are used to achieve the goals of the foundation;

d). Take on other tasks which aim to improve the goals of the foundation, for example:

protecting a human and/or animal species and/or collect evidence of an environmental crime in order to alert the public and/or bring criminal prosecution against an offender;
intervene during a criminal environmental act;
provide technological support during humanitarian problems or disasters.


Our philosophy is straightforward. We dedicate our services and technology to protect and support people in crisis and conserve the environment. The ShadowView Foundation seeks to work collaboratively with partners who have a similiar mission and meet our strict ethical standards.

Our ethical guidelines:

ShadowView UAVs will never carry weapons or munitions. Our UAVs will not be used for operations that will cause obvious harm to the environment. We will not provide services or equipment to regimes blacklisted by either European or American governments.

The Foundation details:

The Netherlands:

The ShadowView Foundation
Spangesekade 167
3026 GW Rotterdam

Phone number: +31 6422 99 727
RSIN (tax number): 852503027

The United Kingdom

High Street

Registered charity no. 1161238

Annual Report

Our annual reports are available upon request.

Board of Directors

Laurens de Groot – Chairman
Kees Aarts – Treasurer
Richard van Deventer – Secretary

United Kingdom:
Paul Green
Harriet Mallinson
Helena Kondziela

All Board members are only jointly authorised. The Board members do not receive compensation for their work for the Foundation. Board members are entitled to reimbursement for the reasonable costs and expenses they have incurred in their role as board member for the Foundation.


The capital of the foundation is formed by:
– subsidies from grants and trusts
– donations from individuals and organisations
– bestowals, legacies and heritage
– all other assets and benefits

Fundraising is a support operation for ShadowView, with the sole purpose of providing the foundation with the money needed to undertake our missions. All funds are used to directly achieve the goals of the foundation. We do not take money from individuals, companies or governments who we feel do not meet our ethical guidelines. Our funds are managed by the Treasurer of the Board and an independent accountant.