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Track Record

Over the past few years, we have had the opportunity to participate in many projects where our technology was able to make a difference. Most of these campaigns were confidential, but these are some of the highlights we can share with you.

Smart Parks Pilot – Tanzania

In April 2016, our engineer Tim van Dam completed the installation of a new communication and observation system in Mkomazi National Park. This Smart Park system has two goals. Firstly, to increase the security of people and wildlife in the sanctuary and secondly, to optimise the park’s operations. Meanwhile, The Smart Parks concept has been further developed in conjunction with several organisations such as African Parks and Vulcan. ShadowView continues to support the park with their Smart Park.

ShadowView for Kids – The Netherlands

In conjunction with the Dreamery Foundation and CodeUur we have developed an educational program for primary school kids to teach them how to use technology to protect wildlife. We have even set a world record by engaging over 10.000 children who simultaneously programmed drones to go after an elephant poacher.

National Park Rescue – Malawi

Operational support for the Safe Haven campaign in Liwonde National Park in Malawi.

Tech for Tusks – Kenya

ShadowView partnered with Wildlife Works to improve anti-poaching efforts in the Kasigau wildlife corridor near Tsavo, by introducing several technological solutions such as drones, ground sensors, and forensic investigation kits. ShadowView also provided the local rangers with advanced tracking training. Our progress was filmed and broadcasted by Discovery Channel.

Saving Orangutans – Indonesia

This orangutan project was the start of a long-term partnership with International Animal Rescue. Shadow View has executed various configurations of unmanned aerial systems for a variety of possible longterm conservation missions. For instance, we have deployed drones flying to remote areas to find orangutan habitats, and introduced tracing devices surgically embedded in a organgutan’s neck, which can be read by a drone.

Project Dragonfleye – South Africa

ShadowView sent four students from the prestigious Technical University of Delft to South Africa to train local rangers to use small multirotor drones with infrared cameras. In just two and a half months, the patrols in wildlife reserves had substantially improved in efficiency and safety.

Anti-poaching patrols – South Africa

ShadowView has provided aerial drone support for anti-poaching operations in South Africa from many years now, and will continue to do so where necessary. In 2014, drone images led to the interception of two rhino poachers in the Greater Kruger Area. This operation was broadcasted on national Dutch television.

Elephant protection – Malawi

ShadowView provided the anti-poaching unit in Kasungi, Malawi with drone equipment and training to improve the efficienty of their patrols.

Deer Bow Hunt Monitoring – USA

During the opening of the deer crossbow hunting season in Massaschusetts, our team supported the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals in their efforts to track down illegal hunting activities. We successfully monitored the hunt and were able to expose hunters who illegally entered the ground before sunrise. You can read more on: Peta.org.

Monitoring illegal fishing – Italy

ShadowView provided Black Fish with drone-support during their search for illegal driftnet fishing activity along the coast of Sicily. Thanks to the imagery from our aircrafts, the organisation was able to identify black-listed vessels still operating in Italian ports.

Illegal Hunting – UK

One of Shadow View’s first actions was to support the League Against Cruel Sports in their efforts to trace down illegal hunting activities in the United Kingdom. You can read more on: TheTimes.co.uk.